Which areas do you service?

We service Ottawa and Gatineau, and surrounding areas.

Why should I choose AV Expert for my home theatre installation?

We offer personalised, professional, and friendly service, with lower pricing than the other big name “guys”.

How quickly can I get an appointment for an installation?

Basic installations are scheduled within the same day or 24 hours of your inquiry. We also can accommodate weekends and evenings.

What kinds of wall surface can my TV be mounted on?

The most common surface is your standard drywall with wooden studs to support the weight of the TV. However, we can also mount on metal studs, brick or concrete (additional charge).

Can I mount my TV above my fireplace?

Yes, flat screen TVs can be mounted above most fireplaces.

Can the installers set up my DVD player, VCR, and other components?

Every service package we provide includes setting up all the video components, but audio components vary. Please Contact us for more information.

Do prices increase if I have a larger screen TV?

In most cases, no. In some areas, an additional fee is required for LCD or Plasma televisions larger than 50″. Most of our competitors charge an additional fee for televisions that are larger than 40″. Call 613-863-7187 to get our prices for TV installations, Home Theater, and custom installations.

Are the cables needed for the installation included?

No, and neither is the television. Any required wall mounts or anything else not specifically listed on the Service package is not included.

Can I provide my own bracket and cables?

Of course you can. We will fit any of your own parts. However these parts, not being supplied by us, will have to be excluded from our warranty.

What if I need something done that is not in your installation service package?

Call or email us and we will develop a customized quote to meet your needs.

If I cancel my service, will there be a cancellation fee?

No. We will gladly reschedule to later date.

How long does it take to complete the installation?

Based on the Service package you choose it can take anywhere from 2-4 hours. TV installation for very large LCD or Plasma screens can take longer due to the size and the additional installation requirements for the wall mount.

Do you provide commercial installation services?

Yes. We also provide installations for commercial, business, and government locations.

What if something goes wrong during the installation? Are you insured?

AV Expert is a registered Canadian business, and is insured for $1,000 000 liability in the rare event of any damages.

How much will it cost to mount my TV?

We offer the best price in the city and we will beat any major competitor’s price. Please contact us.