One of the most important things that you should factor when mounting flat screen TV in your home is the placement of your Plasma screen. Ideally, the choice of your plasma should be determined by the space available, so factor this when buying your LCD TV. There are two ways you can go about your placement. You can either install it on a mount somewhere on the wall or place it on a sturdy floor stand.

Of course, the size of your plasma and the space of the room will also determine how and where you will place your screen. The choice of placement will also be influenced by the location that will give you the maximum angle of viewing. The presence of furniture in your room will also influence the angle of viewing, so make sure that you position them properly.

Also, take note of the activities in your home when you mount your screen. If you have kids, then it is advisable to mount it somewhere up on the wall. An LCD is a costly item which should always be kept out of harm’s way. This should take precedence over considerations such as space, but it should not override the angle of viewing.

To save space, you can opt for a ceiling installation instead of a wall mount. This will allow you to utilize the available space on the floor properly without changing the position of your furniture. In addition, it also enhances viewing because you can tilt screen to the desired angle. Therefore, anyone can view the screen without straining his or neck.

As you install your plasma, you should also consider the wiring or cabling very carefully especially if you are doing a DIY. If you are you not sure of how to go about it then don’t hesitate to professional TV installation service to help you. As a rule of thumb, cables must be tucked away for aesthetic purposes. This is easily achievable when using a plasma screen stand, which of course should accommodate the size and weight of the screen.

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